June 2010

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Can Apple’s latest iPhone live up to the hype and dazzling first impressions? Here’s a look at what buyers can look forward to long after the new phone smell has faded.

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Gaming PCs have become something a little more kinder and gentler over the years so as not to scare off those that want simple aesthetics and are scared off by the more eccentric designs. The Acer Aspire Predator AG7750-U2222 cares nothing about your reservations and revels in its over the top looks as well as […]

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Mini-ITX is the standard by which new, upgradable, motherboards are judged by…unfortunately most cases have been content with just housing a motherboard and processor without taking into consideration boards with built-in PCIe X16 slots. The SilverStone Sugo SG07 is well suited to the task with a perforated side panel for your beefy graphics card to […]

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Sure that new rig you built will likely need some high quality thermal paste to match an equally high quality heatsink but sometimes other gear, such as notebooks, could improve their cooling performance with some new thermal paste to replace the…factory goop. Arctic’s MX-4 Thermal Compound continues a long line of high performance thermal paste […]

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Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much cooling you’ve got on your graphics card, you’re going to have to dig in there if you want to get the most out of it and without the proper tools you’ll be facing some difficult soldering ahead. The ASUS GeForce ENGTX480 is a fine card when run at its […]

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GPGPU has been a bit slow on the uptake for a variety of reasons namely lack of performance and slow software development. With the amount of focus being placed on using graphics chips to do some heavy lifting it was only a matter of time until the current generation of consumer level chips made their […]

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Have a penchant for smashing everything that comes within reach? Motion Computing has launched its J3500 Rugged Tablet PC sporting Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system and a “dual touch” display as well as drop and chemical resistance…. Now you’re thinking it’s some low-powered option which is the case with many tablets given their slim dimensions […]

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Yes you want it, well at least if you want to enjoy the bulk of web content currently available without a ton of workarounds even if it’s a frustrating piece of software…says something we’ve come to grudgingly accept an Internet sore spot. Adobe has released the Mobile version of its Flash Player 10.1 software which […]

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A NAS can be an expensive investment especially for a home user looking to safe guard important information, unfortunately most models don’t have an infinite amount of expansion for more drives. The Synology DX510 NAS Volume Expansion Unit sports an extra 5 hard drive bays, totaling up to 10GB of added storage, to extend your […]

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If you’re tired of all of the notebook options sporting nothing but integrated graphics you’ll be disappointed to find out that manufacturers are still using those dreadful components especially in this day and age where you need that graphics power for the simplest of tasks…like accelerating 1080p content. Acer has you covered with their new […]

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That didn’t take long at all now did it?… Barnes and Noble has finally decided to grace use all with the new NOOK Wi-Fi which shuns any sort of 3G connection, meaning you’ll want to keep yourself within range of a friendly 802.11X  spot, and gets the people that waited patiently in the door for […]

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