July 2010

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I’m as big a fan as any of the high end computing setups and the cooling products that go along with them and sure rolling your own water cooling system will undoubtedly lead to great system temperatures but, sometimes, there are those shortcuts that are “good enough” that are extremely enticing. In this instance it’s […]

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Microsoft may be missing a few key targets in the computing realm, yes tablets and smartphones are what I’m alluding to, but their research division seems to come up with amazing techniques which could improve our daily lives…if they ever get put into use. Microsoft Research will be presenting a software technique at SIGGRAPH 2010 […]

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by Rafael Hernandez on July 30, 2010 · 1 comment

Microsoft’s Windows 7 has had a grand time pulling in all manner of people looking to upgrade their operating system or already preloaded on new PCs and all of that market growth may just lead to an eco-friendlier planet, or at least a bit of savings on the old energy bill. It would seem the […]

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Most people don’t realize just how much processing power is contained in modern GPUs and the fact that they can be programmed to do things other than pump out vivid graphics. It’s a massively parrallelized processor which can speed up time consuming tasks like video conversion, image manipulation, and even some database tasks. A pair […]

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AMD’s way of segmenting their processor market and pricing structure has lead to a lot of choices for consumers but it gets downright confusing when you’re choosing between fewer cores and more cache or more cores and fewer cache. Of course more intrepid individuals have taken the time to document the performance differences between processors, […]

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It’s disingenuous to say that your next gaming notebook purchase will be used for anything but destroying stuff in a virtual world but going for something a little understated means you can pretend you’re at least doing something a little more productive with your time. ASUS’ G73JH gaming laptop isn’t a fan of brash colors […]

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The Mini-ITX form factor promised all manner of space saving and energy friendly designs for scientific and industrial applications when it was launched but, as time went on, process refinements has turned it into a platform which can easily play host to some of the fastest processors and graphics cards on the market today. GIGABYTE’s […]

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With the amount of technology that goes into today’s modern components it’s difficult to keep track of what you need to license in order to make sure you won’t get sued into oblivion later on down the road. It would seem one company forgot to square certain things away. The International Trade Commission has found […]

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Video cameras have had to go to some extremes in order to keep up with the rapidly extending features of digital cameras which have obviously been given video recording capabilities of their own. It looks like they’ve been quite busy cramming in some nifty technology. JVC’s HD Everio GZ-HM550 camera can record that oh so […]

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The trend for years now has been to make the PC seem like any other appliance you’d find in a home or home theater meaning a whole lot of black cases which left those with a yearning to mold their surroundings to be more like Aperture Laboratories in a bit of a bind. NZXT’s Phantom […]

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The professional graphics card market is filled with all sorts of technological wizardry that makes creating 3D worlds a whole lot easier. These cards don’t come cheap of course but if you’re dealing with triangles day in and day out you’ll no doubt be glad you’re running a GPU that can handle complex scenes. Enter […]

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