August 2010

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Memory technologies come and go…no wait we’re still stuck with the same basic volatile RAM our systems use and the flash based memory our gadgetry and solid state drives are based off of. Interestingly enough HP stumbled into a method for creating something of a hybrid that might one day improve performance. They’ve partnered up […]

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If you find yourself in need of an inexpensive computer case your choices are usually limited to something so flimsy you’ll probably dent it just by looking at it and the designs best left to the trash heap. Antec’s Two Hundred V2 carries on the tradition of lower cost cases that still offer a great […]

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AMD’s Eyefinity technology holds a lot of promise for those that wish to run six or so displays off of one graphics card enabling some insanely high resolutions for the gaming crowd and business related endeavors. Unfortunately few, inexpensive, monitors offer up DisplayPort as an input and the adapters to pump those precious pixels to […]

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LucidLogix’s Hydra graphics engine allows any motherboard infused with its awesome powers to accept graphics cards from the two major manufacturers and allows them to work in tandem as a Multi-GPU solution that doesn’t take into account CrossFireX or SLI capabilities. The technology does have its merits but it required motherboard manufacturers to add quite […]

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You’re likely to find all sorts of Bluetooth headsets made out of all manner of material but the sort of heft you want can only be brought about by one thing: metal ok two but there probably aren’t any made out of stone (although I’ve been known to be wrong). Bluetrek’s new Metal Evolution Bluetooth […]

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With computer peripheral manufacturers realizing that they can’t stick to a few niche products and be relevant in the marketplace companies have branched out from their initial roots and are offering a dizzying array of impressive gear. Corsair’s A50 and A70 heatsinks look just like the competition’s coolers sporting the same heatipe and fin tower […]

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The lure of the silent PC is bound to grab you at least once in your computing lifetime…unfortunately that meant giving up a large chunk of performance because cooling solutions couldn’t effectively remove the heat generated by processors without a dedicated fan. Thermalright’s HR-02 passive CPU heatsink makes good use of six massive heatpipes and […]

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Samsung has launched their new 30 and 90 series monitors which are designed to function as a fully capable computer monitor and includes a handy, built-in, HDTV tuner for viewing your favorite shows. Both models are equipped with two HDMI inputs, 1080p support, and picture in picture but the models differ in sizes and backlighting […]

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Sometimes, as consumers, we think we’ve rid ourselves of technology that has outlived its usefulness but in some regions of the world, and yes even our very own country thank you very much communications companies, there is no affordable alternative to dialup. The USRobotics USR5638 PCI Express 56K modem offers up a really fast interface […]

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The Digital SLR arms race is never a dull one with a deluge of products coming in every year to woo your buying dollars…of course  brand loyalty is a big thing with the professional photography crowd so product launches are a thing of beauty. The new Canon EOS 60D is prepared for the rigors of […]

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Those of us that don’t rely on multi-channel surround sound speaker setups for our day to day PC activities are a little underwhelmed by the options on the 2.1 speaker set front. Logitech seeks to remedy the lack of oomph with their new Speaker System Z623 which manages to blast you with its 200 watts […]

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