June 2011

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In our never-ending pursuit at improving your odds at finding a driver for your device we’d like to point you to our newly search-infused update to our Driver Database which should make finding a, well, driver that much easier. We have two options available: a regular Device search option which accepts company names “Intel”or device […]

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Good enough processor performance means that you can consider spending the extra cash you had marked on a high-end CPU for other, more pressing, matters. The AMD Radeon HD6850 and HD6950 offer great gaming performance at good prices which makes them a great target for that multi-GPU capable gaming machine you’ve been planning on building. […]

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AMD’s Llano Fusion chip contains a strange mix of features that makes it somewhat intriguing in many different PC niches from home theater PCs to pseudo gaming systems. The ASUS F1A75-V Pro Llano Motherboard is more than capable of running the new GPU infused chips. If you thought you were going to see a board with less than […]

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The world of the data center and high performance computing has requirements that a regular desktop chip can’t hope to fill. Terms like density and efficiency are key so Intel has cooked up a new plan to get as much of both as possible into their next server chips. The company’s first Many Integrated Core […]

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Ben Heck is best known for his ability to modify just about any console made into a portable gaming system complete with display and sound output which is no easy task given their power needs and cooling demands. Interestingly his latest project involved none of the usual gaming systems. Instead he took his considerable modding […]

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The AMD E-350 Fusion powered processor has proven itself to be a capable chip for the netbook class of mobile computer but many users expect more processing power while on the go. Their Llano A Series APU lineup features a much more robust combination of processor cores and integrated graphics capabilities along with advanced energy […]

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A new interface is all well and good but it seems like the market is flooded with USB3 flash drives that are high capacity which means a high price tag to go along with it. The Centon Rush 3.0 8GB USB3 Flash Drive is the smallest capacity available in the Rush range but it can muster […]

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As much as we’d like to assume that we made the best possible choices when we put together our PCs there’s something to be said about upgrading that which you already have. Sure your DDR3 memory kit has served you well but you could be leaving quite a bit of performance on the table. The Kingston […]

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The Solid State Drive upgrade is one of the best performance improvements you could make to a PC but it’s not exactly cost-effective especially when you have to balance between performance and storage sizes in order to stay in budget. Intel’s 320 Series 120GB SSD offers ample space for your operating system and a number […]

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