July 2011

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If you’re looking to cool down your CPU without jumping into the water cooling world you’re going to be faced with some massive heatsinks for that high end overclocking project you plan on. Thermalright’s HR-02 Macho isn’t shy about taking up as much room as possible which is a good thing as it increases the […]

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Our disdain for reference cooling designs goes far back when you consider that they’re designed to do just an adequate job which just isn’t enough if you plan on pushing things to the limit or you want something that doesn’t sound like a jet engine when things get a little complex. HIS has put together […]

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A fancy PC case is all well and good for people with extraordinary needs when mounting their hardware. Interestingly most people have modest needs that don’t exactly warrant a massive enclosure for their super charged gear so you might as well go with the least expensive option. The NZXT Source 210 PC case is as […]

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Processors are good for plenty of things… like adding and subtracting and handling complex computational tasks that aren’t so easily split up into easier tasks. Interestingly Intel came up with a not-so-expensive anti-aliasing technique that they feel could run on the CPU. Unfortunately for them the GPU is an immensely powerful piece of hardware that […]

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It’s hard to ignore AMD’s Llano APU since it combines a decent processor and more than useful GPU in a small package all at a very reasonable price considering a discrete graphics card with similar performance capabilities, as well as a dedicated CPU, will set you back a quite a bit more. Let’s not kids […]

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Sony’s PlayStation 3 has had a bit of a controversial life and every new revision of their design that gets released brings even more controversies to the table. The new CECH-3000 version sports larger hard drive capacities, a lower overall weight, and reduced power consumption which is a great thing to have considering the amount […]

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When it comes to laptops you have to give up a bit of performance in order to get your computing on the go. If you opt for even smaller designs well you’re saving yourself the headache of lugging around an extra pound or two but you better have low end gaming needs. The Alienware M14x […]

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