September 2011

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Corsair has an impressive lineup of water cooling kits under its belt so it’s not surprising to see their new Hydro Series H80 taking things so seriously. The kit sports an extra thick radiator that should pull heat from the fluid pumping around the system very well while its dual fan configuration will help remove […]

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AMD’s APU based Llano cores have a reputation for being a bit on the mundane side since they don’t offer the same performance their Phenom II cousins tout, much less whatever Intel has put out in the past three years, but the ASUS F1A75-V Pro motherboard makes the case for this wonder of a chip. The […]

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It’s rare to see a video card like the PowerColor Radeon HD 6770 PCS+ Vortex II especially when the price range it’s competing in is filled with plenty of inexpensive models that rely on a reference cooling system. Impressively the company has gone with a massive heatpipe and fan combination which is virtually unheard of in […]

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Laptops like the ASUS A53T rarely come about since they break the mold in so many ways. There’s its quad core APU, which goes by the name of AMD A6-3400M, and a discrete Radeon HD 6650M graphics card that pair up inside of its 15.6″ confines in a mobile CrossFireX frenzy. It disappoints a bit […]

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Apple’s iPad is an accessory and app wonderland that has yet to be matched. The bulk of the tablets making their way to the market are an intriguing mix of hardware with an odd collection of software which may, or may not, stick around long enough to make any measurable difference. Why the disparity? Well […]

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Plenty of book fiends know full well the awesome amounts of reading material they can cram on to an Amazon Kindle and the ding to their credit cards that follows once you’ve gone through all of that literature. Since Amazon is in the business of selling multimedia content as well the company has announced its […]

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As far as massive structures go the Cooler Master Storm Trooper case is right up there with the best of them. Most people are content to compute within the confines of a mid-tower case but the Storm Trooper is set to take on your XL-ATX motherboard and whatever over sized graphics cards you plan to […]

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Gimmicks aren’t a big selling point for me but there is something to be said for the ASUS F1A75-I Deluxe motherboard and its assortment of tricks. It’s an FM1 socket board so you’re going to be making fine use of an AMD Llano based APU on it which suits it quite well since it believes […]

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The Dell U2311H monitor sits in a good spot for those that want a reasonably priced display. Its E-IPS LCD has improved viewing angles which is extremely useful for those that hate odd angles ruining their view but it doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of display clarity like a full blown IPS panel which you […]

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The bulk of Android tablets kind of just meld together but the good news is that if you pick up the Motorola Xoom 2, which might just come out in 7 and 8.2-inch versions, you’re guaranteed some powerful hardware and some distinctive cladding that just might set it apart from the millions of tablets that are pouring […]

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The Alienware M18x notebook has plenty of great things going for it. Its Intel Core i7 2960XM processor can handle plenty of heavy applications and games, which you’d want from your portable gaming notebook, and its Dual NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M SLI graphics chips provide the sort of horsepower you need. If you thought there […]

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