November 2011

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NVIDIA’s new GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 core features an extra 64 cores compared to the original which means much more performance is on tap for all of your gaming titles while video card manufacturers are pushing it even further with improved cooling and increased clock speeds

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The ASRock X79 Extreme4-M is specially crafted for power users looking to cram in as much performance as possible into the smallest enclosure they can find. The Sandy Bridge-E capable, Intel X79 chipset toting, motherboard sticks to the small microATX format but it still manages to offer up three PCIe X16 slots as well as the […]

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The Western Digital Scorpio Blue 1TB 5400RPM hard drive is a peppy little number for the notebook toting people out there. It’s not the speed demon that a solid state drive is but its storage density and small platter size means it can speed through most normal mobile workloads while offering plenty of space for both […]

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The PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 600W power supply is difficult to ignore if you’re in the market for a quiet solution to that nagging and obnoxiously intrusive whine from your current PSU. It’s sure to stand out with its all white motif but all of the right features are there including modular power […]

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Intel’s Sandy Bridge-E processor lineup packs a serious amount of computing power into one chip which requires an equally impressive motherboard to keep up with. The MSI X79A-GD65 features Intel’s X79 chipset which offers up a massive array of advanced features, although it’s a little lite on the SATA 6G ports so MSI tossed in an […]

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Antec’s Performance One Series P280 finally gets one of the biggest case manufacturers caught up with its competition. Their new design sports a much larger tray cutout which allows for easy installation of your after market heatsink and much more extensive cable routing setup that should make organizing much easier. As far as the cooling […]

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Server processors, like the new AMD Opteron 6200, normally don’t capture much attention but this chip just so happens to pack in 16 cores into a handy package that should be a drop in replacement for existing AMD based servers which is especially enticing to the companies running high performance super computers. The CPUs are […]

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The Intel Core i7 3960X Sandy Bridge-E is the mammoth new processor that will absolutely outperform every other consumer oriented chip on the market. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a costly upgrade should you be used to the awesome performance that is the Intel i7 2500K or 2600K but if you’re looking to eek out every […]

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The Kingston USB 3.0 Media Reader makes you realize how much time you’ve wasted transferring those tens of thousands of images you’ve taken over the years. The reader accepts the usual CompactFlash, Secure Digital, microSD, and Memory Stick cards where its super fast interface makes a huge difference in read and write speeds should you have […]

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It’s difficult to pick out a winner in the mid-range notebook category when the majority of the options available all have the same specs. The Dell Inspiron 14z at least tries to distinguish itself from the rest of the pack with a partly aluminum body that should cut down a bit on the weight and […]

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HP is ushering in the ARM server age with their Project Moonshot initiative that will see the company deliver densely packed servers with thousands of ARM processors that can take over some of the functions that the much more power hungry and bulkier x86 chips are currently being used for. File transfers and data management […]

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