January 2012

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CPU heatsinks tend to come in a few flavors, most of which have a focus on keeping your processor as cool as possible which tends to come along with quite a bit of noise from however many fans they attached to it. The ARCTIC Freezer i30 follows in the company’s fine tradition of offering low noise […]

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A hefty graphics solution is, sometimes, the only way to improve your high resolution gaming experience which an AMD Radeon HD 7970 3-way CrossFireX setup is more than happy to oblige you with. Normally such an extreme setup would require quite a bit of CPU power in order to drive the cards in the latest […]

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XFX’s Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition video card didn’t have many options when it came time to improving on an already fast and powerful gaming option so they did the only sensible thing… upgraded its cooling solution and increased clock speeds. The old reference cooler is out in favor of a custom dual fan cooler […]

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The Intel Core i7-3820 isn’t about being the fastest processor on the planet, it’ll leave that distinction to its bigger six cored brother the Intel Core i7-3960X, instead what you’ll find is a 4 cores and 10MB of cache that will still take advantage of all the nice features on Intel’s X79 chipset such as a […]

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Synology’s Diskstation DS212 NAS slots into an interesting point when you consider many network attached storage solutions come in at a higher price and are geared towards the small office crowd. The Diskstation DS212 keeps things reasonable by limiting itself to two hard drives, which you must supply yourself of course, but supplies two USB 3.0 […]

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Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is going to minimize the pain when you, or some nefarious character that isn’t you, have to recover your machine’s OS from whatever mess it happens to be in. The company will be rolling out “refresh” and “reset” options on Windows 8 that will get you back up and running […]

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MSI’s X79 Big Bang XPower II takes some of the high end gamer hardware gimmicks to the extreme as evidenced by the heatsinks they loaded on to their top of the line motherboard but at least it can bring you everything you want out of a performance product. Your LGA 2011 build will be well […]

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Cooler Master’s long history of case and cooling greatness is well known but, every so often, they come along with another over the top solution. The Cooler Master Cosmos II full tower PC case is likely to take up a good chunk of usable space wherever you place it but that trade-off is minor compared […]

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Efficiency is a tough thing to pull off in the video card world especially when you have to synchronize what two separate GPUs are doing… not to mention three of them. Which makes the news that the AMD Radeon HD 7970 scales extremely well when a pair of buddies show up in order to chew […]

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Underneath it all the Galaxy MDT GeForce GTX 580 is your run of the mill high end video card option based on NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU currently available with one huge difference when compared to its competition… its dedication to keeping your brand new GPU running cool. They’ve topped the card off with a 5 heatpipe […]

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