April 2012

by Rafael Hernandez on April 12, 2012 · 0 comments

Sometimes you just have to go overboard with your next PC, especially when you’re working with ultra high definition footage. The new MAINGEAR Quantum SHIFT 4K workstation line can be configured with dual Intel Xeon E5 processors and up to 128GB of memory with a REDCODE configuration that allows you to work with their ridiculously […]

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The Corsair Force Series GT 180GB SSD has a lot of things going for it. At 180GB of storage space it provides a healthy amount of room for your operating system, swap file, and a number of applications which you want to load near instantaneously. There’s its rated 555 MB/s read and 525 MB/s write speeds […]

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In preparation for their upcoming Ivy Bridge line of processors Intel has released their Z77 Express system chipset to provide a shiny new platform for their next CPU, fortunately for all of us the new chipset also supports the previous generation of LGA 1155 CPUs so there’s plenty of testing going on. The Z77 provides […]

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PC Power & Cooling’s Silencer MK III 600W power supply brings together a number of helpful features that make it a nice option for those of us that enjoy a bit of quiet while using their machine. The biggest benefit to the PSU is its reduced noise output which they achieve by using a single […]

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