Active RAM Coolers Tested brings the breeze to your memories

by Rafael Hernandez on May 31, 2010 · 0 comments

Corsair Airflow 2 GTL RAM memory cooling fanMost PCs are designed to channel airflow to the components that require it the most namely video cards and processors. Unfortunately that leaves out some other important components from the cooling fun.

Real World Labs has gathered seven different memory coolers, in this case fans fixed to some plastic mounts, with varying cooling results:

Performance wise all of the units managed to lower the temperature of the memory modules from 5,5 up to 9,1 degrees Celsius with the Corsair Airflow 2 being the best of them all while the Arctic Cooling RC Turbo, OCZ XTC Cooler 2 and the Kingston HyperX units performed almost on par. The Geil EVO Cyclone came last in terms of performance but its design, innovation and LED display will probably matter more to case modders than its performance.

Given the cramped confines memory works in that’s some impressive cooling.

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