ADATA HM-1200 will power your over the top rig

by Rafael Hernandez on February 2, 2011 · 0 comments

Those with insatiable processing needs will run into issues when it comes time to power their machines which can easily pull over a kilowatt of power under certain load spikes..high end gamers I’m looking in your direction. The ADATA HM-1200 1200watt power supply has all of the right features when it comes to a high end design including 80PLUS Bronze certification and modular power cables which will allow for easier cable routing and less clutter for better airflow. If you’re sensitive to noise you’ll also be happy to know that they’ve gone for the larger 140mm fan route which should minimize how much noise it makes…not that you’ll hear it over the hundreds of other fans that are keeping your beast of a machine cool anyway.

ADATA HM-1200 1200W Power Supply @ TweakTown

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