Addonics CipherChain ExpressCard encrypts your eSATA drive data

by Rafael Hernandez on May 4, 2010 · 0 comments

Addonics has announced its new CipherChain ExpressCard notebook card designed to secure information to any eSATA capable external drive. The card itself sports AES 256-bit hardware encryption which should make cracking your drive’s data a bit more difficult should you lose it and quite a bit quicker than software based alternatives.

To improve security even further the add-on card sports a nifty little Cipher Key dongle which would make the data that much more outside of a nefarious person’s hand given the relevant key is…probably on your keychain.  Of course if you’re ever in the need for a simple eSATA port on your laptop you can hit a handy little switch on the card and it’ll operate as a standard port as well.

All of this super sweet shouldn’t set you too far back given its $89 MSRP.

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