AMD 890FX Motherboard roundup edges into the extreme

by Rafael Hernandez on April 30, 2010 · 0 comments

New chipsets are always an exciting way of eeking out performance from an existing processor lineup, well at least on the AMD platform. The company’s latest products are finally making it on high-end motherboards.

The Tech Report has rounded up a trio of AMD 890FX powered motherboards which offer varying levels of features and a high dosage of overclocking functionality:

The Asus and Gigabyte boards ring in a good $30 and $50 more than the MSI. Neither offers substantially more slots or integrated peripherals, but there are hints about where the extra money went. The Crosshair, for example, comes with Creative SupremeFX X-Fi software that piles all sorts of 3D audio goodness on top of a vanilla Via codec. The Gigabyte, well, it’s the first desktop board we’ve seen with a cool half-dozen PCI Express x16 slots.

A nice batch of early boards which are bound to see even more tweaking as time goes on.

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