AMD 890GX Chipset improves on the old formula

by Rafael Hernandez on March 2, 2010 · 0 comments

System chipsets aren’t updated as much as you probably want them to be so motherboard manufacturers tend to rely on add-on chips to do most of the work on newer connectivity standards. Thank goodness for updated chipsets.

AMD’s upcoming 890GX system chipset sports a speed bumped graphics core and, most importantly, SATA 6G support. AnandTech tests out an early motherboard which features its shiny goodness:

AMD’s 890GX chipset does support two PCIe x8 slots for running cards in CrossFire mode, but you do have one more option for flexibility. If you have a Radeon HD 5450 and happen to be running one of the following games: Battleforge, BioShock, Company of Heroes, HAWX, World in Conflict or 3DMark Vantage then the 890GX’s IGP will work in tandem with the 5450.

The CrossFire like setup could be interesting for those with a home theater PC setup needing a little gaming performance boost.

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