AMD Catalyst 10.3a Prepped to boost framerates substantially

by Rafael Hernandez on March 17, 2010 · 0 comments

AMD has been on a bit of a roll with their Radeon HD 5000 series which offers impressive performance and image quality at rather low temperatures but the company always knew that their competition would come at them with something equally impressive.

Oddly enough the company’s response to the upcoming Nvidia “Fermi” launch mayjust be in the form of a driver update that has been showing some rather impressive frame rate boosts in the latest and greatest titles. The company has released their Catalyst 10.3 Preview Driver which not only improves performance but also includes Display Bezel Correction software which will help improve the visual experience even if you have some thick plastic border surrounding your Eyefinity displays.

They might just play spoilers for Nvidia’s launch in a few days, and likely brings up questions on whether or not they were holding back performance, but Radeon HD 5k owners are sure to be happy.

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