AMD Fusion Chips Begin Popping Up on Motherboards

by Rafael Hernandez on January 4, 2011 · 0 comments

AMD’s GPU integrated into the CPU plans have been well known for the past few years but the company always seemed to be a long ways from market with the technology…well wait no longer. AMD’s Zacate core (Fusion infused) processors are low-power chips which are bound to be worked into the smallest form-factors possible so it should comes as no surprise that the upcoming Gigabyte GA-350N-USB3, Asus E35MI-I Deluxe, and MSI E350-E45 miniITX motherboard make fine use of the chips and offer plenty of expansion capability for those in the market for a miniature PC (HTPC enthusiasts take note). Once they hit the store shelves there are sure to be a rush to design systems around them.

AMD Zacate mini-ITX Motherboards Preview @ bit-tech

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