AMD Fusion will pack plenty of power

by Rafael Hernandez on September 14, 2010 · 0 comments

You tend to tune out on future technologies when companies mention their forward looking product maps and how excited they are to be working on them seemingly every week but AMD has definitely stepped up their game. The company was showing off their “Zacate” APU (previously known as a CPU with an integrated GPU) which is the first Fusion chip targeted at the mobile market, namely netbooks and laptops. The chip has an 18Watt max power draw, although most people will never reach that high, which is extremely impressive given its DirectX 11 class graphics chip co-mingling with a dual core processor. So far the performance looks to give Intel’s mobile solutions, at least at the low to mid range, a run for its money in the gaming department.

18W Fusion APU goes head to head with Core i5 @ The Tech Report

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