AMD FX 8150 water cooling enables more go fast juice

by Rafael Hernandez on October 21, 2011 · 0 comments

AMD’s long awaited Bulldozer architecture was launched last week to a mixed reception. There was hope for a high end contender but there should have been more measured expectations from the FX 8150 and its brothers… still there may be some hope for the processor since AMD is planning on including a rather hefty water cooling kit that should allow for some vigorous overclocking on the processors side. Interestingly the CPU design seems to like the vigorous overclocking fun people can throw at it but it isn’t exactly a power friendly endeavor considering it’s going to be pulling more power than the highest of the high end consumer based chips on the market today. At least that water cooling kit will keep the temperatures under control.

AMD’s FX-8150 further overclocked @ The Tech Report

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