AMD Radeon HD 5670s in CrossFire present interesting performance possibilities

by Rafael Hernandez on February 2, 2010 · 0 comments

Running multi-GPU setups that feature low-end graphics cards has been, in the past, a good way to spend a decent chunk of money for a very low performance benefit. AMD’s latest chips flip that around a bit.

The AMD Radeon HD 5670 slots into the low-end of the 3D performance market but when it’s set up in CrossFire it can improve into a solid mid-range solution. TweakTown has the review:

Now, before you say that two HD 5670s are more expensive than a single HD 5770, let me stop you and say; I know. HD 5670s can be had for under $100, though; closer to the $95 mark. And again, while that setup is slightly more expensive than a single HD 5770, it’s also slightly faster across the board.

Performance that scales with the amount you pay…how intriguing!

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