AMD Radeon HD6850/6950 CrossFire setups are potent and tempting

by Rafael Hernandez on June 27, 2011 · 0 comments

Good enough processor performance means that you can consider spending the extra cash you had marked on a high-end CPU for other, more pressing, matters. The AMD Radeon HD6850 and HD6950 offer great gaming performance at good prices which makes them a great target for that multi-GPU capable gaming machine you’ve been planning on building. Despite their mid-range roots when either solution is paired with a second identical card you’re going to see a massive boost in frame rates especially in graphics intensive games which would make a single card crawl in most situations as well as offering extra high resolution capabilities you never dreamed were possible. If only you could decipher their relative gaming merit by name only.

AMD Radeon HD6850 & HD6950 CrossFire Performance @ Benchmark Reviews

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