AMD's 785G Chipset Graphics Performance AKA Your HTPC can Game

by Rafael Hernandez on August 18, 2009 · 0 comments

AMD has a habit of putting reasonably powerful graphics cores into a number of their chipsets. Their upcoming 785G is another example sporting a custom built Radeon HD 4200 core that might enable your low-power build to do something other than feed videos.

neoseeker has a look at the 785G powered ASUS 785TD-V EVO motherboard which just so happens to have 128MB of sideport memory added into the mix, they even go so far as to try out some overclocking. Here’s a peek:

The 785G also proved to be a great movie decoder, thanks to the Unified Video Decoder 2 technology. With it, great energy savings can be achieved, since the processor can throttle while the HD 4200 handles almost all the decoding. Even with both the CPU and GPU under full load, the system did not go over 137W.

Some peppy performance from their new chipset although don’t expect insanely high-res gaming from it.

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