AMD's 790GX, Chock Full o' Features

by Rafael Hernandez on September 30, 2008 · 0 comments


The AMD Phenom lineup hasn’t gotten much attention from the enthusiasts out there given its early hardware trouble and slower performance when compared with Intel’s competing chips but the company’s new 790GX/SB750 chipset combination puts together Hybrid CrossFireX capabilities and improved overclocking which makes things a bit more interesting. PC Perspective has a few thoughts:

ACC stands for Advanced Clock Calibration, which is an overclocking tool aimed at increasing the upper overclocking spectrum of current Phenom processors. ACC utilizes six previously unutilized pins on the Phenom chip, but what exactly it does is a secret. Many have deduced that ACC actually changes around some of the internal timings to the Phenom CPU to allow for greater overclocking headroom, or for those interested in lowering their voltage and underclocking the processor. AMD does not make concrete promises as to how much this can improve an individual overclock, but they are not hesitant to say that they are seeing an average of an extra 200 MHz over a standard overclock using the older 790FX chipset with SB600 southbridge. Considering the latest version of the Phenom 9950’s are now 125 watt products, we should expect to see a bit more headroom in overclocking these quads. As I have mentioned above, underclockers might be quite interested in this technology. By using ACC AMD also claims that they see stock speeds running with 1v, and by going down to sub 2 GHz speeds they are seeing 0.9v.

Fun for the speedsters and environmentally conscious alike.

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