Android grabs larger piece of U.S. mobile market

by Rafael Hernandez on August 3, 2010 · 0 comments

No that’s not an updated view of how an iPhone 4’s reception bars should be portrayed.

Google’s Android operating system seems to be catching on with people as noted by Nielsen Wire which tracks smartphone penetration in the U.S. How much so? Well in the second quarter of this year 27% of smartphone subscribers chose an Android phone as their purchase to the detriment of just about every other mobile phone manufacturer/operating system developer. Apple stood at 23% of new subscribers with BlackBerry barely staying on top with 33%. Microsoft Windows Mobile phones are on a slow fall currently sitting at 11%. Of course these numbers are merely showing new purchases as the big three have quite a large installed base but Android is certainly gaining ground at a fast clip.

Android Soars, but iPhone Still Most Desired as Smartphones Grab 25% of U.S. Mobile Market @ Nielsen Wire

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