Antec ISK100 saves you quite a bit of room

by Rafael Hernandez on December 30, 2010 · 0 comments

Mini-ITX motherboards have brought about a revolution in “good enough computing power” that enables even smaller PCs to do tasks that don’t require a massive system to do such as web-browsing and multimedia file viewing. The Antec ISK100 Mini-ITX case is designed for low-power boards with its tight-fit construction meaning your dreams of a super small case with a PCI Express graphics card are dashed…at least in this case. They do manage to fit in a fan in the case which should keep those Intel Atoms and upcoming AMD Fusion chips running very cool especially since they just sip on power. This should make for a nifty HTPC build.

Antec ISK100 Mini-ITX Desktop / HTPC Chassis @ TweakTown

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