Antec KÜHLER Flow steps into the cooling fray

by Rafael Hernandez on July 22, 2010 · 0 comments

The high end heatsink market is well stocked with all manner of designs all vying for your considerable cooling budget and it would seem more companies are trying to break into it all the time now. Hell who wouldn’t want to get into the action when they go for $60 a pop and up?

Antec has entered with its KÜHLER Flow cooler which pushes its tower of fins a bit back allowing for plenty of finger clearance for memory installation which most other designs out there are very guilty of obstructing. Otherwise it looks to be just like any other high end cooler with six heatpipes pulling heavy duty although there’s a lack of second fan mount but with its offset fin position a rear fan will no doubt help with its cooling performance.

Antec KÜHLER Flow cooler makes stealthy debut @ TechConnect Magazine

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