Antec P193 Advanced PC Case goes all filter happy

by Rafael Hernandez on March 30, 2010 · 0 comments

PC cases tend to offer a whole heck of a lot of airflow these days which bodes well for people with components that pump out major heat, unfortunately it’ll also pull in more dust than you can imagine.

The Antec P193 Advanced mid-tower PC case piles on the airflow and a great number of filters in handy locations to keep things as dust free as possible. PC Perspective has the review:

The Antec P193 advanced super mid-tower case should appeal to a large number of PC enthusiasts.  It features excellent build quality with sleek styling.  The P193 is a relatively large mid-tower chassis that provides 11 storage bays and offers several incremental improvements over the original P190.  The four bundled fans can be adjusted to deliver the right balance of airflow to noise thanks to the integrated speed controls.  Along with more room and improved airflow the P193 also accepts Antec’s proprietary CP series PSUs as well as standard ATX power supplies.

Beats having to take your machine apart for its yearly dusting now doesn’t it?

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