Antec Sonata Series Solo II Case brings silent computing up to date

by Rafael Hernandez on September 7, 2011 · 0 comments

Antec’s Sonata Series Solo II case is yet another design that attempts to keep the noise your system generates at a minimum. It comes equipped with a single quiet exhaust fan but it does provide mounting points for a pair of 120mm fans at the front which should handle moderate cooling needs efficiently. That won’t do much to minimize noise by itself so they’ve added a bit of noise dampening material that should cut down a good chunk of the noise while its hard drive strap mounting system should keep drive vibrations from shaking your case’s panels. It all adds up to cutting quite a bit of noise from your system but you’re going to have to keep your system’s component choices in mind since CPU and video card coolers add quite a bit of noise to the system.

Antec Sonata Series Solo II Mid Tower Case Review @ Legit Reviews

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