Apple iPhone 4: Free Bumpers, 3 Million Sold

by Pedro Hernandez on July 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Like you, I was glued to my F5 button as gadget liveblogs (like here, here and here) reported from Apple’s iPhone 4 press event.

So, what is Apple doing to shut up the iPhone 4 death grip whiners?  Why, giving them a free iPhone 4 bumper case (or a refund if you already bought one). Interestingly, the offer is good for any iPhone 4 purchase through September 30, 2010. Is a hardware revision in the works so soon?

Additionally, users are encouraged to download iOS 4.0.1 which tweaks the 3G signal strength reporting of the phone. And if you’re still not satisfied, simply return your working, undamaged phone within 30 days for a full refund.

Before revealing the steps the company is taking to alleviate the issue, it was time to try to dim the harsh public relations spotlight that’s been cast on Apple. In an oddly defensive posture for Steve Jobs & Co., the company has adopted the stance that antenna woes aren’t exclusive to the iPhone, and that it was “challenge for the entire industry.”  Then, Steve Jobs clued everyone in on the extensive amount of testing that goes into releasing an iPhone; the minuscule number of people that have complained to Apple officially or bothered to return the phone; and the tiny number of dropped calls compared to the iPhone 3GS. (Just don’t tell that to Whoopie.) Way to deflect!

For those that like tracking sales stats, Steve Jobs stated today that 3 million iPhone 4s were sold in the three weeks since it was released (roughly a million a week, not bad at all). That alone explains why Apple had to take the extraordinary step of scheduling a press event to tackle “antennagate.”

And in case you’re still wondering, the white iPhone 4 should start shipping at the end of July. Oh, and Apple “loves” its users, for what it’s worth.

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