Apple’s location ambitions bared with Poly9 buy?

by Pedro Hernandez on July 14, 2010 · 0 comments

Could this signal the end of Google Maps pushpins on the iPhone?

Apple has acquired web mapping firm Poly9. It seems fitting, considering that Google has its Google Earth and Microsoft has Bing Maps. Think of an interactive, location-aware, browser-based Google Earth, and you’ve got an idea of what Canadian company does.

According to reports, the technology transfer is already well underway as most of the firm’s employees were transferred to sunny California. But what does it all mean? Details are scarce, except for the fact that Poly9 is now officially off the table and its website has been scrubbed. But that doesn’t stop you and me from speculating.

Could this be the start of some location-based iAds integration? Will iTunes start serving up place-specific digital media recommendations?  Share your theories in the comments!

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