Apple's iPhone 2.1 Firmware a Miracle Worker?

by Rafael Hernandez on September 30, 2008 · 0 comments


Firmware updates are the “Christmas in Summer” for the geeky crowd, salivating over rumors of bug fixes and performance improvements giving that awesome placebo effect everyone loves regardless of the outcome. Apple’s iPhone 2.1 firmware update brings about bug fixes and, most importantly, may even extend battery life in some instances. AnandTech has a short test:

My 3G test happens to be reasonably stressful as it is constant web surfing, which I doubt anyone has the patience to do on something with such a small screen regardless of how great its UI may be. In the end, real world battery life may go up even more but I’d say 10% is a fair increase for a simple firmware update.

No stand by time testing but who keeps such a powerful device hidden away all day anyway.

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