ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore Processor will be a mobile powerhouse

by Rafael Hernandez on September 9, 2010 · 0 comments

You may think the current generation of smartphones are impressive but companies are constantly working behind the scenes to impress you with the next generation of hardware. ARM, the company that designs the technology behind the bulk of the mobile smartphone processors out there, has announced their new Coretex-A15 MPCore design.

Chip manufacturers will have to license the new design but, considering its feature sets, it’s likely going to be a popular choice. The core is designed to be manufactured on 32nm and 28nm processes (with 20nm on the horizon) which allows the new design to keep its same energy-sipping and size footprint while improving performance up to five times over current ARM based chips.

The core is designed to run at up to 2.5GHz clock speeds, which does make the current 800MHz-1GHz clock rates seem pitiful, with full support for running applications designed for earlier ARM cores so you’ll likely see Android, Microsoft Windows Embedded, and other mobile friendly operating systems ported to it.

As far as feature sets are concerned they’re keeping a little quiet on what’s under the hood…aside from the fact that the design can contain anywhere from 1 to 4 physical cores with up to 4MB of L2 cache which should make multi-tasking smoother on the next generation of gadgets. Hardware-based OS virtualization support makes an appearance as does Large Physical Address Extensions which allows the design to handle up to 1TB of memory.

Given that the company makes their chips for more than just the smartphone market its AMBA 4 interconnect technology might be of interest to anyone into making some exotic designs as it allows for multiple Cortex-A15 MPCore processors to work together in a SMP mode for that low-power server rack of the future.

An impressive chip design but we’ll have to wait quite a while until the various chip manufacturers pick up a license and roll out their own products.

Cortex-A15 Processor MPCore @ ARM

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