ASRock A330ION Motherboard is an Atom tweaker’s dream

by Rafael Hernandez on April 23, 2010 · 1 comment

Intel’s Atom processor lineup was meant to be a low-power alternative with just enough number crunching power to allow for some media playback and web browsing, of course those with a need for even more power will seek ways to “improve” on the stated design goal.

The ASRock A330ION Motherboard sports an Intel 330 dual-core processor paird up with NVIDIA’s ION graphics chipset and a healthy dose of overclocking functionality which should help those that just want to overclock everything they get their hands on. RBmods has the review:

The board comes with one PCI-E port if you want to run a better videocard  for example, the back is equipped with most plugins available on the market right now. You get several USB ports, Ps/2 port, D-sub, DVI, HDMI, LAN, E-sata and sound ports with SPDIF plugin.

A large selection of ports to expand this mighty little board.

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