ASRock H55M Pro gives your Clarkdale CPU a home

by Rafael Hernandez on January 8, 2010 · 0 comments

A whole new way of doing things tends to make things a little tricky when it comes time to support the new product. Case in point is Intel’s latest Core i5 and Core i3 “Clarkdale” CPUs which feature graphics chips fused on the the chip itself. That sort of presents a problem for current LGA 1156 motherboards.

ASRock’s H55M Pro supports the latest chip lineup from Intel with proper video-out support for its integrated graphics. Elite Bastards has the review:

Of course, with a GPU now bolted on to the CPU itself, a new motherboard chipset is required to offer up the required functionality and outputs for the integrated graphics chip to be utilised, which means that this week has also seen the introduction of the H55, H57 and X57 chipsets to Intel’s line up.  It’s the first of these three chipsets that we’ll be focusing on here today, as we look at a motherboard courtesy of ASRock and their H55M Pro, which makes use of an H55 chipset in a micro-ATX form factor, but without skimping too hugely on other functionality.

For a board focused on a budget chip lineup its performance is really very impressive.

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