ASRock Z68 Pro3 and Extreme4 Motherboards play peek-a-boo

by Rafael Hernandez on May 6, 2011 · 0 comments

Ah the dreaded wait until a CPU manufacturer releases their newest chipset platform. The weeks leading up to the launch date are filled with all manner of detail leaks only serve to heighten your need for the latest and greatest. It would seem that ASRock is ready for the roll out since they’ve got, at least, a pair of motherboards in the form of the Z68 Pro3 and Z68 Extreme4 prepped for shipment. If you didn’t already know about the Intel Z68 chipset then you could consider it as an enthusiast level chipset since it features some heady options like SSD caching for bridging the gap between spindle-based hard drives and SSDs as well as transparent GPU switching between the Sandy Bridge GPU and whatever discrete graphics you roll with… a game changer to be sure.

ASRock Z68 Pro3 and Extreme4 (Intel Z68) Motherboard Preview @ TweakTown

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