Asus Demonstrates P55 Motherboards, Enjoys the Overclock As Well

by Rafael Hernandez on July 29, 2009 · 0 comments

Asus P7P55D Intel Core i5 motherboard

It used to be that motherboard manufacturers would release their products and allow for the enthusiasts and tweakers to get the most out of their products, now they’ve started to take all of that fun for themselves before the boards even hit retail shelves.

Asus has been toying around with their new Intel P55 chipset based P7P55D motherboard series and has come up with some impressive overclocking performance with the upcoming Intel Core i5 processors. ExtremeTech has the details and photos to prove it:

What we saw were a handful of welcome design additions that demonstrate smart engineering and should aid ease of use, such as the new T.Probe, a chip that keeps heat levels uniform across the board by monitoring the temperature of the board’s mosfets in realtime. This chip can dynamically regulate their powerphases to ensure mosfets don’t run too hot, which prolongs their lifetime and that of your board. Other features: the Stack Cool3+ system (Asus has added extra layers of silicon and copper to certain areas of the board for more effective cooling and heat dissipation), and Turbo.V overclocking, a hardware system to ensure consistent and safe overclocking—I’ll describe it in a bit more detail shortly.

Impressive performance out of the gate although they are running some engineering samples which, almost always, perform better than their retail siblings.

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