ASUS F1A75-V Pro overclocks Llano APUs like a fiend

by Rafael Hernandez on September 29, 2011 · 0 comments

AMD’s APU based Llano cores have a reputation for being a bit on the mundane side since they don’t offer the same performance their Phenom II cousins tout, much less whatever Intel has put out in the past three years, but the ASUS F1A75-V Pro motherboard makes the case for this wonder of a chip. The board has all of the features you’d expect out of an FM1 socket AMD A75 powered platform including USB 3 support and a UEFI firmware, although it does go after a weaker form of the CrossFireX approach with two PCIe x16 slots one of which only has four lanes. In fact it’s best to ignore all of the features and focus on what a true enthusiast wants to know: that it can overclock your A6 or A8 processor to clock speeds you never would’ve imagined.

ASUS F1A75-V Pro Motherboard Review @ Legit Reviews

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