Asus G51J 3D Notebook wants to immerse your eyes

by Rafael Hernandez on April 16, 2010 · 0 comments

Normally features that are found on desktop PCs take quite a bit of time to trickle down to the mobile realm either because of the power constraints or other limitations. We’re just not sure why this one ever made it.

Here it is though the Asus G51J 3D Notebook which sports some rather beefy hardware and a pair of 3D glasses which should make games and movies jump out at you. PC Perspective puts their peepers on the line for us all:

Putting the 3D Vision performance aside, the Asus G51J 3D has a 120Hz display that is absolutely stunning and gorgeous to watch. Games play at a higher vsync rate, mouse movements feel smoother which makes it great in Windows 7 and image editing, and the colours just pop nicely. My only misgiving on the panel is that the panel is only 1366×768 and not 1920×1080 for true full HD. But if Asus used a 1920×1080 panel, the price would have gone up drastically because the GPU will need to scale up to handle 3D Vision properly at a higher resolution, and a panel with 120Hz refresh at 1920×1080 would not be cheap.

Given the quality of the parts in this laptop a higher res screen option sure would be nice to have but it’s still one mean gaming system.

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