ASUS GTX 480 and Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD 5870 2GB battle to the top

by Rafael Hernandez on May 13, 2010 · 0 comments

Competition is great when it comes to pricing and choices but when you’re looking at the best of the best you’re going to have to pick and choose from gaming title wins and feature sets.

ITShootOut has a look at the ASUS GTX 480 and Sapphire Toxic Radeon HD 5870 2GB graphics cards and how they handle extremely high resolution gaming:

The two cards are both fully Direct X 11 compliant and are comparable in size, with the NVIDIA card being just a little longer. The Sapphire Toxic is a good 3/4″ of an inch shorter than the stock ATi 5870, showing partners have started to move to proprietary PCBs. You will actually need more space in your case to accommodate the Sapphire than the Asus, however, as the GTX 480 has its PCI Express power connectors along the edge while Sapphire has elected to place them at the end. We’ll come to power consumption numbers a little later but recommends you use a 650W PSU at the very least for either of these cards.

If you’re in the market for either of these cards odds are you’re likely going to need a bit of a system overhaul as well.

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