ASUS HD 5870 2GB RoG Matrix Platinum Edition Graphics Card battles for the longest product name ever

by Rafael Hernandez on May 27, 2010 · 0 comments

Graphics card tweaking used to be the exclusive realm of those that were brave enough to take a soldering iron to, or modify the BIOS of, their expensive new board. Thankfully the latest breed of cards has software trickery to make tweaking even easier.

The ASUS HD 5870 2GB RoG Matrix Platinum Edition Graphics Card gives you a dizzying array of control over every aspect of the graphics card’s settings which, with lots of effort, should lead to impressive overclocks. Hardware Canucks has the review:

Bumping the core voltage proved to be a huge step in the right direction but we were unfortunately limited by the overall temperature of the card which reached about 95C when operating at 1078Mhz. Slightly loosening the timings and bumping the voltage on the memory allowed an additional 256Mhz which is once again nothing to sneeze at and goes to highlight the advantages of a large number of options in the iTracker software.

If you had any doubt about its overclocking prowess it’s sure to be cleared up now.

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