Asus K42F Notebook pulls in Core i5 mobile CPU

by Rafael Hernandez on January 5, 2010 · 0 comments

New chip releases used to mean considerable time until you would find the products in the mobile realm which, for the on the go crowd, meant delaying a purchase or settling for some older model.

Asus K42F comes prepped with Intel’s new mobile Core i5 processor which should make for some great performance and longer battery life. The Tech Report has a review:

Clarkdale’s performance is quite impressive on the desktop. Despite squeezing into a much smaller power envelope, Arrandale isn’t much slower in the Core i5-540M implementation we’ve looked at today. There’s ample power for mainstream notebooks, then, and plenty of grunt for high-performance portables that don’t need the excess of a quad-core, eight-thread Clarksfield CPU.

A slick notebook although some extra added graphics performance would have been nice to see.

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