ASUS M4A89GTD Pro Motherboard brings core unlocking to the 890GX

by Rafael Hernandez on March 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Core unlocking has been one of the ways enthusiasts have been enjoying the AMD platform. The thought of picking up an inexpensive dual or triple core CPU and unlocking cores to bump them up to triple or quad core processors is just too much to pass up for some.

The ASUS M4A89GTD Pro is one of the first 890GX motherboard to tout its core unl0cking capability which may make it the standard for enthusiasts:

While most of the boards within a certain price bracket follow a common component formula, ASUS and ASRock have managed to segregate themselves by breaking rank and offering hardware level core unlocking for budget dual/tri-core AMD processors. That means that you can buy a sub $100 CPU and unlock it at your leisure to enjoy 4 core number crunching. The feature itself is not new per se, it’s just that AMD decided to drop support for ACC on series 8 chipsets, leaving vendors to do things on their own accord. ASUS’ workaround is almost certain to have upset AMD, but we think they made the right choice – if moving to the 8-series chipsets meant giving up core unlocking, many enthusiasts wouldn’t.

A great performer and capable of unlocking CPUs, not much more to say other than awesome!

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