ASUS Maximus III Gene is dedicated to the space conscious tweaking fiends

by Rafael Hernandez on January 26, 2010 · 0 comments

With the increasing focus on smaller computers we’re, thankfully, starting to see an increasing number of performance based boards which can easily handle the workload full-sized motherboards are designed for.

The ASUS Maximus III Gene sports enough overclocking options to keep you busy for days as well as a microATX formfactor to please the HTPC crowd. HardOCP has the review:

TurboV EVO has three modes. Manual, Easy Mode, and Auto Tuning. The utility includes all the settings needed for basic overclocking of your system. In manual mode only a few settings appear unless you click on the “More Setting” button. BCLK, CPU Voltage, DRAM Bus Voltage, and IMC voltages are displayed along with simple sliders for each of them so that you can increase or decrease clock speeds or voltages as you choose. Once “More Setting” is clicked you end up with more voltage settings. CPU PLL, CHA Data, CHB Data, PCH voltage, PCI-Express frequency, CHA CTRL, and CHB CTRL end up added to the mix with adjustment sliders for those features as well. Easy mode basically only provides a slider for the BCLK frequency. Everything else that’s on the normal manual mode is shown here, but is informational only.

Then again the included tuning software will no doubt make things much easier on you.

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