ASUS P6X58-E WS Motherboard piles on the PCIe lanes

by Rafael Hernandez on September 8, 2011 · 0 comments

ASUS’ P6X58-E WS motherboard goes all out for those with a massive need for high bandwidth expansion. It takes Intel’s old fashioned X58 chipset, and its LGA 1366 processor support, and tacks on a NVIDIA nForce 200 chip to add quite a few extra PCI Express lanes so you can pile on quite a few video cards for extra processing powers or added storage interface cards so your RAID array will sing the praises of its new found bandwidth. Given that it is an ASUS motherboard you can expect a wide array of overclocking options and plenty of precise engineering so you’ll get plenty of mileage out of whatever chip you throw into your machine. Quite a platform if you’re in the market for a “work” station upgrade.

ASUS P6X58-E WS Review @ Overclockers Club

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