ASUS P8B WS Motherboard is aimed at the corporate crowd

by Rafael Hernandez on August 27, 2011 · 0 comments

ASUS’s P8B WS motherboard isn’t exactly what you’d consider a PC enthusiast’s dream board. There’s no touting of extreme overclocking and its color scheme is strictly muted. No this board is designed for the workstation crowd. Its Intel C206 chipset is all business but they do include four PCIe X16 slots for those with massive graphical needs or which could come in handy should you harness the power of the GPGPU. Since it’s an LGA1155 board you’ll find extensive support for Core i3 on through to Core i7 chips as well as Xeon processor support making it quite nice for your all-business related endeavors.

Review: ASUS P8B WS @ ocaholic

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