ASUS P8H67-M EVO Motherboard keeps you honest

by Rafael Hernandez on September 25, 2011 · 0 comments

The ASUS P8H67-M EVO motherboard is the sort of board you want when there’s a system to be built which won’t see any form of enthusiast level tweaking. Aside from the restrictions on pushing your CPU there are a ton of reasons to consider this microATX board with its LGA1155 processor support and multi GPU capability thanks to its dual PCIe X16 slots. If you’re skipping the whole dedicated video card action there’s HDMI and DisplayPort outputs for your integrated graphics chip as well as USB 3.0 ports for your high speed peripheral needs. So if you’re in search of a set it and forget it method of putting together a rig here’s your choice.

ASUS P8H67-M EVO Motherboard @ Hardware Secrets

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