ASUS Radeon 6870 DirectCU refines its cooling approach

by Rafael Hernandez on January 10, 2011 · 0 comments

The best thing about waiting a little while before upgrading is, besides bypassing the initial driver pains, finding product models that sport a few extra added value options than what a reference design would offer. The ASUS Radeon 6870 DirectCU is equipped with an impressive looking cooler that keeps things running at lower temperatures despite a small clock bump on the card’s core. Of course you’ll be happy to note that the card is also a very capable overclocker with the included ASUS SmartDoctor utility which can easily push the card to a beefy 1GHz core clock rate…more than enough to tear through the newest gaming titles.

ASUS Radeon 6870 DirectCU @ PureOC

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