Asus Radeon EAH 5870 Video Card pushes pixels perkily

by Rafael Hernandez on March 22, 2010 · 0 comments

Card manufacturers are having an increasingly difficult time with topping an already speedy chip so they’ve had to rely on other features to entice people into purchasing their product…namely things that make them go even faster.

The Asus Radeon EAH 5870 video card features some voltage tweaking capability which, with some careful testing, should lead to higher clock speeds. ITShootOut has the review:

Physically, the Asus EAH5870 is identical to any other reference 5870 card with the same double slot cooler and an identical circuit topology. Asus has added a little visual flair in some markets by giving the card carbon fibre effect stickers, which is a nice touch. At the rear of the card you’ll find two DVI connectors, an HDMI port and a single DisplayPort connector. Those hoping to use the card to run multiple displays should be aware that a maximum of three are supported at a time and one of these has to be a DisplayPort. You cannot, therefore, run a triple desktop by using two DVI ports and HDMI all at the same time. As with the rest of the HD 5000 range this card supports an Eyefinity configuration, whereby three screens are linked to produce one gigantic gaming display.

Some mighty fine tweaking results should make those Eyefinity setups run a bit smoother.

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