Asus Radeon HD 5850 produces the framerates that you desire

by Rafael Hernandez on November 13, 2009 · 0 comments

Asus Radeon HD 5850Constantly aiming for the high-end has some unintended effects on your PC. That top of the line card is going to want a new power supply to keep it happy and an appropriate processor and memory to keep it busy with new information to render. Perhaps shooting a little lower will save you some cash in the long run.

The Asus Radeon HD 5850 is a mid-range product but it’s no slouch when it comes to performance. Testseek Labs has a review of the card and how it handles the usual gaming duties:

Asus hasn’t added any physical alternations on this card; it is basically Asus’ version of the generic AMD 5850. However Asus has a series of software tools which help us overclockers to reach the maximum potential of this card; the “Gamer OSD” and “Smart Doctor”. This last application will be most useful since it allows us to play with the voltage of the core.

Voltage tweaking is certainly a benefit for those that enjoy a bit of the overclocking but you’re going to want an add-on cooler for that.

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