ASUS Rampage III Black Edition Motherboard gives the LGA1366 a fond farewell

by Rafael Hernandez on August 4, 2011 · 0 comments

It’s no secret that Intel is moving on from the first Socket that brought the Core i7 lineup to the masses so everyone’s eyes are on the future LGA2011 and its enthusiast class of features… that doesn’t mean the LGA1366 can’t have a going away party.

The ASUS Rampage III Black Edition Motherboard represents just about every single performance enhancing possibility that the company learned over the years toying with LGA1366 CPUs all crammed into one mighty expensive motherboard. Quad PCIe x16 slots, Killer E2100 network processing unit, built-in Wireless 802.11N, and every conceivable tweaking option loaded up into its BIOS make it one of the most impressive options for a platform that has reached the end of the road. As nice a way to go out as any.

ASUS Rampage III Black Edition Motherboard Review @ HardOCP

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