ASUS ROG Immensity Motherboard Concept is very multi-GPU friendly

by Rafael Hernandez on June 3, 2010 · 0 comments

The trouble with product concepts is that they tend to get your hopes very high then there’s a long lull in news before you hear the plans have been dropped or they’re not nearly as impressive once launched. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop getting our hopes up.

The ASUS ROG Immensity Motherboard Concept sports a Lucid Hyrda hybrid multi-GPU controller chip and, more interestingly, an on-board dedicated graphics chip rumored to be a Radeon HD 5770 or 5450 (depending on who you ask). bit-tech has the details:

That’s not all for the Immensity. It also has a GPU on-board, in the shape of one of the mid-range Radeon HD 5000-series chips. Asus’ thinking is that if you’re buying a board with the Hydra on it, you must be aiming to build a multi-GPU system – so why not provide the first GPU onboard? The downsides are that it reduces flexibility, but we can see where it’s coming from – if you already have a good graphics card (and they’re lasting longer and longer these days), an Immensity would be a one-stop way to get a multi-GPU PC.

TweakTown also managed to get itself some video of the board:

A slick way to get yourself into a powerful gaming machine without a third physical graphics card taking up space…if it ever makes it to market.

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